Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

Credit Control Corporation utilizes the latest secure technology to fit any customer need.

  • Online access to your accounts
  • Automated reports via email
  • Highly secure
  • Custom programming

Our system can be accessed remotely over the internet using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser or any STelnet client. Data and reports can be transmitted using practically any method a client can request including Secure HTTP (HTTPS), PKI, IPSec, PGP, S/MIME, FTP, modem and email. All data transfer methods meet HIPAA, GLBA, PCI, and other external regulatory requirements. If you can think of a way you need to communicate or transmit data with Credit Control Corporation, we can do it.

Credit Control Corporation uses multi-session personal computers, running the latest anti-virus and security software and a high-volume, back-end mid-range IBM iSeries computer system. We can access client remote systems (if requested) using a variety of options including VPN, 3270 emulations, Telnet, 5250 emulations and modem.

Credit Control Corporation can provide report information any way you want to see it, including transmittal, summary, detail, and activity history reports. Reports and data can be sent and accepted using any standard file format, including ASCII text, delimited, print files, PDF or Microsoft Excel. Reports can be generated automatically on a daily, weekly, monthly basis or, ad-hoc.

Great care is taken to protect client data on Credit Control Corporation’s network and computers. A state of the art firewall is used along with anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware and intrusion detection systems. All computers are hardened beyond industry standard recommendations, fully-patched and audited for security compliance. Security logs are reviewed daily.